Article Underground Review

Article Underground Review - Is Article Underground Scam or Good?

I first heard about Article Underground in a popular internet marketing forum where people were discussing whether Article Underground was worth it. Based on the good feedback, I signed up and here is my Article Underground review.

What Is Article Underground?

First off, a little background about Article Underground in case some of you folks don’t know what it is. Article Underground is a PLR (private label articles) membership where you receive 400 PLR articles limited to 350 members. Mike Liebner is the owner of Article Underground and clearly know how to make money with content by the advise he gives in AU’s forum.

The cost is $97 a month and can be expensive. However, I thought it was worth it and here is why.

PLR articles

As I mentioned early, you get 400 articles a month limited to 350 members. Each article is written based on extensive keyword research so each article’s keyword is named as its filename. For example, child-bedroom-furniture-16-au-plr-01.txt.

One complain I have about the PLR articles is that they are written in random, so you won’t get 20 articles in a particular niche or 400 articles in 20 niches as is common in other PLR memberships. There’s a reason it was done this way and Mike says it forces you to change the articles instead of pasting it entirely on a webpage.

Mike mentioned something peculiar as he said only about half of the members actually downloads the PLR articles. I think I know why and I talk about it in the next section.

Article Announcement Blogs

One of the main reasons I was attracted to Article Underground was the article announcement blogs. There are 33 AU blogs each with pagerank from 4 to 6 as well as more than 80 members contributed blogs.

These blogs are already worth more than the $97 I pay each month. They are not spam blogs and Mike very clearly warns how to post to these blogs. If you don’t follow the rules, the posts are deleted and it is for every member’s benefits.

These blogs can get your site indexed easily within days and are extremely useful for backlinks and SEO purposes. If you are building niche adsense sites or affiliate sites, the AU blogs can help you rank well in the search engines.


Mike also provides many hours of internet marketing videos, noticeably in content, duplicate content, how to change PLR articles, SEO, LSI and more. The member’s forum is also a good location for newbies to ask questions and seek advice from Mike and other more experience marketers. Mike often shares his thoughts in the forum and many success stories as well.


I believed many members are more interested in the announcement blogs than the PLR articles including me and I highly recommend Article Underground if you have many niche sites in need of content and backlinks.

I highly recommend you subscribe to their newsletter to gain access to the instructional videos. They provide a ton of useful info on SEO, backlinks and content generation.

While it is expensive at $97 a month, I believe it is the best PLR membership out there at the moment.